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Lathe Machines

Our Lathe Machines are not only highly strong but are also gives precise results. Highly in demand by the heavy metal industry, its other name for quality. These machines are made of 25 grade cast iron of 180 BHN hardness and are strictly inspected with micro level hardness tester and straight edge. The semi Norton gear box gives four different speed achieved by different changing levers. With our complete dedication, long experience and expertise we have become foremost in CNC Lathe Machines Manufacturers and also one of the leading Hydraulic Lathe Machines Exporters in India and in other global markets as well.

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Heavy Duty Lathe Machine

We are the leaders when it comes to Heavy Duty Lathe Machine; these are unsurpassable in output and sturdy in features. Same is the case with our Mechanical Lathe Machine which is made of heavy and pure iron which is obtained from the best of vendors these are highly useful in heavy metal industries and gives you scathe


All Geared Lathe Machine

The All Geared Lathe Machine which we provide is made up of 25 Grade Cast Iron and is hardened up to 400 BHN hardness; it is stringently checked for quality. Provided as time saver equipment with separate thread & feed Shaft. All Geared Shaping Lathe Machine is equipped with feed & thread gears could be changed rapidly


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